Guest Post: Science artist Dr. Thomai Dion on confidence in science, motherhood, and entrepreneurship

Today's post is brought to you by Dr. Thomai Dion, a scientist and artist who has an amazing series of science books called Think-A-Lot Tots and a science technology engineering mathematics (STEM) coloring and activity book.

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Podcast - Academia could use a like button (BA #12)

In this audio blog, I rant about the structure of feedback in academia. I discuss how this affects confidence, a moment that defined my views about feedback, my proposed way to better let people know what they're doing well and how to improve, and why I think getting no positive feedback is a nonsensical and counterproductive approach among talented groups of people.

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Podcast - 6 Tips For Feeling Good Enough Now (With Jess Pettitt)

Speaker and consultant Jess Pettitt shares 6 tips for feeling good enough now! (Yes, now. Not at some future time when you're finally perfect.)

Find Jess on her website@jesspettittFacebook, or LinkedIn. Pre-order Good Enough Now so you can read Jess' whole book!

Text Jess any questions at 202-670-4262!

39 questions to ask grad students during your grad school interviews and 1 question you should never ask

Congratulations, you got grad school interviews! And now they're coming up and maybe you're freaking out because you don't know how to prepare. Scariest yet, you're going to be meeting tons of people and you may not be sure what you're going to talk to them about or how to best use the opportunity you have.

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How to ease depression and anxiety after the Trump inauguration even if you don't have health insurance

Has the inauguration made the reality of the new president finally set in and you're having trouble dealing?

A lot of us are struggling right now with coming to terms with the poor decisions and constant insensitivity of the new presidential regime. Maybe you already live with anxiety and/or depression. Or maybe this is new to you and you're blindsided by your new emotions (or your disturbing lack of emotions).

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Podcast - Skeptical Activist Evan Bernstein (BA #7)

Evan Bernstein, co-host of the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast, shares how he got over being nervous being on stage in front of huge audiences at skeptical conferences like The Amazing Meeting, how he instills confidence in his kids, and why he doesn't let online trolls get him down. 

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This Is How You Prepare for Grad School Interviews: 4 Steps to Get Confident and Make a Killer Impression

So, you got a grad school interview, or maybe 2 (or 5? You're going to be tired!). 

First of all, huge congratulations! Tons of people apply to each graduate program and just the fact that you got an interview is already a great sign.

But now you might be feeling nervous because now you're actually going to be meeting the very people who will ultimately decide whether you get to go to grad school. 

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Podcast - co-founder Dr. Lenny Teytelman (BA #2)

I interview Dr. Lenny Teytelman of the protocols repository We discuss grad school stress, including that pesky bugger imposter syndrome (the feeling many grad students get that they aren't good enough), and how to deal with it. Lenny also shares why grad school is great preparation for many non-faculty positions, including in start-ups.

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7 ways to change your life in 2017

Welcome to 2017! A brand new year, full of opportunities. Take a moment to reflect: Are you happy with your life right now?

I mean it. Don't just keep reading. Put down your tablet, release your mouse button, put down the page (wait, did you print out my blog post? What are you doing?). Close your eyes, and really think: Are you where you want to be?

I hope you are. But if you're not happy with your life right now, I'm going to share with you 7 ways to change your life in 2017.

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