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Podcast - Writer & Podcaster Jordan Morris on his sci-fi comedy characters adapting to difficult situations

In this bonus episode between seasons 2 and 3 of the BoldAdulting podcast, writer & podcaster Jordan Morris discusses with Masha how the characters on his sci-fi comedy Bubble articulate their needs and boundaries, navigate choosing between privacy and authenticity, try things that may not work out, and deal with difficult feedback. Also hear Jordan share about his confidence in sharing creative projects.

Podcast - Mental Health Podcaster Andrew of Andrew in the Gap Years on preparing for social situations

In the last episode of season 2, Mental Health Podcaster Andrew of Andrew in the Gap Years shares his big dream goal of training all undergrads in active listening, how he prepares for social settings to prevent a vicious cycle of social anxiety, how as a child he learned to fear making mistakes, and his secret for actually having fun at job interviews.

Podcast - Academia could use a like button (BA #12)

In this audio blog, I rant about the structure of feedback in academia. I discuss how this affects confidence, a moment that defined my views about feedback, my proposed way to better let people know what they're doing well and how to improve, and why I think getting no positive feedback is a nonsensical and counterproductive approach among talented groups of people.