Podcast - 9 Reasons Grad Students Think They Suck (BA #3)

I discuss 9 reasons why grad students have such low confidence. 

1) They're among the people who (like them) were the best in undergrad.
2) They only hear people answer/ask questions in class when those people know the answer and don't hear all the times their classmates had no clue.
3) They're trained by people who are more experienced.
4) They think they're supposed to remember most of what they learned in undergrad.
5) Experiments fail all the time and people take it to heart.
6) The way academics (and others) give criticism is soul-sucking.
7) Grad students are often isolated.
8) They compare themselves to others.
9) Interviews to get into grad school are so fricking stressful!

Advice: Talk to people about how you're feeling.