Dear friend, you can take a few days or weeks to respond to non-urgent emails. Love, me

Sent here by a friend? Picture them saying the following to you:

Ok i got your text back, finally, it’s been 3 friggin hours already. Yes thank you, obviously you need to apologize. Um hello, this is Saturday. What, you couldn’t get back to me on a Saturday? Like you have stuff to do. Who cares if your family wants to hang out with you or if you have trouble staying off your phone if you frequently check your email or Facebook.

All I’ve been doing since I emailed you is waiting for your response and thinking about the fact that you haven’t emailed me back. When you look at me, I see that look of fear that pops up - oh man, so awkward - all we’re both thinking about is the fact that the last exchange of ours was awkward/unfinished.

Now let's laugh together because it's no big deal and human interaction can be hard/awkward.  

Ok so if you know what I’m talking about and want to give input on this resource for how to talk about the fact that we feel guilt for taking time to response to non-urgent emails, visit, then comment here about what you want to see in this resource. 

Forward this to anyone who needs to see this message, including to initiate difficult conversations. :)

Coming soon: emoji systems for easily showing people that although you aren't responding right now, you appreciate them writing to you and will get to your message