Podcast - I Don't Know What I'm Doing (And So Can You)

BoldAdulting season 2 is here! In the first episode, Quirky Qonfidence Qoach Masha shares why she embraces her many failures, shares the struggles shared with her by many scientists, and gives 12 tips for becoming a more confident and happy individual.

Recorded at the annual banquet of the Society of Women Engineers San Diego chapter. Thanks to Denise Tung and Debra Kimberling for helping bring me to this audience!

Watch videos of the BoldAdulting confidence tips (1 tip/video playlist or 7 min video of all tips)

Listen to this episode on YouTube!

Mentioned in this episode:

Brad Voytek - his CV (~resume) includes failures and rejections!
Confidence Cat
The Genetics Gal - older posts include lots of science communication
Quirky Bingers - a body positive binge eating support group
Better Late Than Never - a website to help us get over the feeling that we're awful because it takes time to respond to emails
Wellpreneur - attribution visible in video at 0:12
Humboldt Orientation Program - excellent training in how to answer the questions we know and find answers to the ones we don't
STEM Coloring and Activity Book