Podcast – 7 Steps to Confidently Reach Out to People

In this solo episode, Masha the Quirky Qonfidence Qoach provides 7 simple steps to reach out to people for career/life advice, to make connections, to thank people for something they’ve made or done, or to follow up after meeting someone.

  1. Choose the careers you want to learn about.
  2. Choose/find people.
  3. Write the email.
    1. Say hello.
    2. Provide context.
    3. Add specificity.
    4. Say who you are.
    5. Say what you’re looking for.
    6. Suggest one or two simple ways to connect.
    7. End the email.
    8. Write a subject line
    9. Follow up politely (if needed)
  4. Meet them
  5. Say thanks after
  6. Stay in touch

For a PDF with more details and lots of tips, download the full guide to 7 Steps to Confidently Reach Out to Anyone.

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