Podcast - Treasure Island cast on why they love even the most critical feedback

The cast of the Grossmont College Treasure Island show shares about their desire for specific critical feedback, why they aren’t single-mindedly focused on getting to Broadway, and the many confidence-boosting benefits of being in theater.

Interviewees (and their character names):

Del Nieto (Billy Bones) - Instagram and Facebook
Delia Mejia (Captain Morgan) - Facebook
Mika Fogacci (Squints) - Instagram
Odany J. Frias (Ace) - Instagram
Amy Oliverio (Buckets) - Facebook
Kiley Giard (Mrs. Hawkins/Gold Tooth)
Bill Wilcox (play attendee) - Facebook
Lena Kaplun (play attendee) - Website
Jason Jones (play attendee) - Facebook

Plus 1 anonymous but appreciated cast member 🙂

Learn more about the Grossmont College Theater Treasure Island production.

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Comment below: How do you respond to getting feedback? Has that changed over time?