Confidence Coaching Contract


Here's what we're both agreeing to when you become my coaching client:

In this contract, "you" refers to the client and "I" refers to the coach. 

You and I will work together for the duration of our relationship to develop a plan to improve your confidence as it relates to your career, personal life, creative pursuits, interpersonal relationships, and any other areas we agree to work together on.

You and I both agree to treat each other ethically as laid out in this contract. This document supersedes any prior written or oral agreenements. 

You agree to communicate vulnerably and honestly, engage fully during our sessions, and be open to my guidance and suggestions. 

Your confidentiality: I will never volunteer or confirm to anyone else that you are a client without your permission. If you were referred to me by someone else, it is up to you to inform them that you used my services if they need to know. The only case in which I will break confidentiality without your permission is if I believe you may harm yourself or someone else. Any records and notes I have from our sessions will be kept confidential.

My confidentiality: You are welcome to share with anyone that you are my coaching client and any details about your experience that you feel comfortable sharing. You are also welcome to share anything about me that you learned during this session, unless I explicitly requested that something I self-disclosed be kept confidential. 

Limitations of coaching:
I do not make any guarantees about what this coaching will provide you. It is your responsibility to implement the plans that we discuss during our coaching session and your wellbeing and results are up to you. You will not hold me liable for any actions (or inactions) that you take as a result of our coaching. 

Coaching is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. I do not claim to diagnose or prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorders or physical diseases. In fact, it is common for my clients to seek therapy as part of the confidence-coaching plan we develop. If you see a therapist, I recommend that your therapist is informed that you also have a confidence coach.

You or I can terminate our coaching relationship at any time. See the Cancellations section for details about the financial element of this. If you have been my client and decide not to continue our coaching relationship, I would appreciate if you let me know. I promise I won't be offended. 

We will engage in a single confidence coaching session online (through Google Hangouts or Skype). In limited circumstances, meeting in person is an option as well. 

I will be accessible via email ( to clarify logistics of our coaching but cannot do confidence coaching via email. (It is much better for us to discuss your confidence face-to-face in real-time.) 

The fee and length of your sessions will be based on my rates. All fees must be paid before the session begins. 

The time of your coaching meetings will be determined by the time you pick on my scheduler. I will call you through the agreed upon method at the time we agree on.

Any cancellations without 24 hours advance notice may not be refunded. With 24 hour advance notice, sessions can be rescheduled if our schedules align. In the extremely rare case that I must cancel our session, we will reschedule or if I cannot find a time that will suit your schedule, I will refund your money for that session. 

Dispute resolutions:
In the unlikely event that we have a dispute, please come to me with any problems. 

I'm looking forward to working with you!