Founder and content creator - Masha Evpak

Masha Evpak has been waging a battle against the mental health problems rampant in academia since she realized how stressed out almost all of her fellow grad students are. She tackles these issues through in-person workshops and online as The Genetics Gal. She coaches individuals and groups to courageously tackle everything life throws at them, even when they're afraid they have no idea what they're doing.

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Tagline ("Courage in the face of self-doubt") writer - Mari Catano
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Cara Santa Maria
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Elizabeth Laime
Gregory and Alla Melnik
Nicole Walters
Beverly Walthour
Tina Marie
The Skeptics Guide rogues
George Hrab
Lorraine Pillus
Naomi Frank
Emily Petty
Sam Shelton
Lena Kaplun
Lisa Williams
Alex Dinh
Alina Sokolskaya