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Upcoming Events:

Workshop - Success in Grad School:

Invite everyone in your graduate program group to attend a Bold Adulting workshop Success in Grad School, customized for your group! Attendees will learn about common grad student experiences, such as perfectionism, making progress on goals, interpersonal conflicts, career development, and mental health. There will be opportunities to share and hear what your fellow grad students are going through, and you can even share anonymously! Booking a workshop (one 3-hour session) for your program costs $3000. Multiple programs can share costs by booking a workshop together. Please see additional details.

MacroWorkshop - Success in Grad School and in Life (4 week program in October 2019, Fridays 4-7pm)

Your grad students will join with those in other graduate programs on Friday afternoons to form community, work through their struggles, make progress on their career goals, and develop a plan for the rest of grad school. Each program that signs up for the MacroWorkshop (four 3-hour workshops) pays $5000 for unlimited attendance by its students.

The 4 sessions will focus on:

  • Oct 4th: Hello - Get to know your fellow participants, by connecting over your shared and individual experiences.

  • Oct 11th: Career - Explore what you want from your career and plan strategies for your progress.

  • Oct 18th: Imposter Syndrome and Authenticity - Do you ever feel you aren’t good enough or aren’t quite living the life you want? Whether your concerns relate to your graduate career or not, you’ll think through how to align your actions and beliefs about yourself with the person you want to become.

  • Oct 25th: Moving Forward - With your new community, you’ll map out a plan for the challenges and exciting moments that await you in grad school and in life. Although we never know what lies ahead, you’ll prepare for the future by identifying your priorities and available resources.

  • Notes for introverts and private people: Although workshop activities are designed to foster community and learn from each other, most activities can be done solo, if you prefer. No attendee will be required to share anything they don’t want to.

More details and registration for the MacroWorkshop will be available soon. Ask questions or receive notification when registration is open by emailing with subject line “MacroWorkshop.”

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Authenticity Fest 2020 (March 7, 2020). More details to come.

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Clips from selected Bold Adulting speeches, workshops, and stories:

How to feel better about yourself: 14 Tips

The full speech I gave to the San Diego chapter of the Society of Women Engineers about how to feel good enough is available as a Bold Adulting podcast episode.

How I love my failures

Note - This version of the How I Love My Failures story includes language that assumes weight loss is a healthy goal. I have since reconsidered my perspective on weight control, but the larger message of the story is still a good one: failure is nothing to be ashamed of.