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In Confidence Through Coloring: Collaboratively Combining Science + Art on the td the science mom blog, Masha discusses lessons you can use from her BoldAdulting workshops and happily displays some of the beautiful science coloring book art that her attendees created.

On Episode 3: Part 2 of Interview with Masha Evpak: Confidence Coach host of the BoldAdulting Podcast, Masha helps Andrew with his confidence about making and marketing his podcast.

On Episode 3: Part 1 of Interview with Masha Evpak: Confidence Coach host of BoldAdulting, Masha is interviewed about helping people with their confidence issues through her work at BoldAdulting. 

Featured in the Lighting Shoes blog article 28 Quotes That'll Help You Have More Fun In Life, Masha proposes her favorite way to have fun: skipping over "how are you" and getting right to authentic conversations. This is right in line with the first two letters of the BOLD acronym: Be authentic, Open Up, Listen to people you trust, Dream big!