"The homework you gave me is a little scary but useful. Identifying positives is generally something I can stand to do more. It would have never occurred to me to do something like noting the positive things people said about me on my own."

“It was helpful having someone asking me questions about different angles of my mental state or the nature of the issue in a way that I don't necessarily think about. It made me think “how do I really think about this?' My thinking can be in a loop sometimes so having an external voice questioning my thinking gives me two pathways towards reality-checking my thought patterns. You showed me different ways I could think about my behaviors and feelings."

"I really enjoyed the recommended resources! It was very helpful to learn about books, podcasts, and individuals who can help with what I'm thinking about so I can further study on my own. I found that really comforting. I love how you threaded through the different issues that I had and gave me the mantra of ‘be authentic’ to help with all of them. Having action items specific to my issue and being able to discuss them and whether they would work for me was very helpful and definitely a valuable experience.”