Workshop FAQs


Topics covered

The main activities are about career confidence, overcoming perfectionism, and making progress on goals. Topics can be customized to group needs.


cost (2019 prices)

A 2-3 hour weekday (M-F) workshop is $3000.

Groups with smaller budgets can choose a Saturday or Sunday workshop for $1500.

  • To save more, costs can be shared between up to 3 groups (no extra fee).

For $250, you can purchase all of the digital materials and instructions you need to run your own workshops. This includes:

  • Google Drive folder: All the handouts, marketing flyers, slides, and instructions you need

  • 45 min instructional session: On a video call, up to 3 people will be trained on best practices for running the innovative activities that create a comfortable space for attendees to connect and gain the resources they need. During this time, you can ask all of your questions.

  • Email support: Get any workshop questions answered for up to a year (guaranteed response time: 2 business days)

Money-back guarantee: If for any reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, I will refund your money.


who’s this for?

The example slides are aimed at a grad student (PhD, M.S.) audience, but these workshops are useful for any group who wants to help their members find the confidence and resources for improving their productivity and happiness.

There is no minimum or maximum attendee number, as long as the room booked has enough space.

Although workshop activities are designed to foster community and learn from each other, most activities can be done solo. No attendee will be required to share anything they don’t want to.


how do i book?

All a group needs to do is: contact Masha (, choose a date, send payment, book a room (with a projector and enough room for their attendees), and announce to their members.


why should i book?

Improving confidence, identifying resources, and figuring out next steps are vital for success and career satisfaction.

Additionally, these workshops bring groups closer together. These workshops are NOT a boring lecture; attendees will spend the time thinking, talking about, and planning how to achieve their goals.

Read the words of prior attendees on the second-to-last slide, here.


interested to learn more?

Fill out the quick interest form or email Masha Evpak at