Need some confidence? Hire Masha, the Quirky Coach of BoldAdulting! 

Who I help

I empower you to make your life better. If you want to believe in yourself and get closer to your goals, I'm confident I can help. Email to start a no-pressure conversation. :)

How can you tell if we're a good match? First, check out the kind words of the lovely people I've already worked with. I have experience with collaboratively solving confidence issues for/with the following people:  

  • quirky individuals (don't quite fit in and maybe don't want to; have aspects of themselves they hide and/or come out about over and over)

  • grad students (or those with grad school in their past or possible future)

  • scientists and former scientists

  • creatives who are nervous to make art and/or share it (or who aren't even sure if they can identify as creative)

  • people who want to feel better about their body (with or without changing their body)


If I get over my confidence issues won't I stagnate?
Nope. If you feel good about yourself, you're more likely to pursue your goals and to be more effective when you do. The BoldAdulting method paves the way for following your big dream goals, so stagnation is the last thing you should expect.

Why do you call yourself and your clients Quirks? Isn't that a negative word?
My favorite people are the weirdos, the deviants, those who stand out and are ok with that (or want to work toward being ok with that). Let's embrace our quirkiness together! 

Doesn't the word 'quirk' mean a strange trait, not a person who is strange?
Ok ok ok, you got me. In my defense, Shakespeare came up with words and new ways of using words all the time! :) A Quirk is a person who has many quirks and embraces them or is on a journey towards embracing them.

I get that BoldAdulting helps people with their confidence, but what is this Quirks Who Care thing I keep hearing about?
Quirks Who Care brings people together to work on the social justice projects they're passionate about. BoldAdulting and Quirks Who Care are separate but related projects. BoldAdulting gives Quirks the confidence they need to go after what they care about. If you're a Quirk who cares about making the world (or a small part of the world) better, you might be a perfect fit!

Getting help with my confidence will obviously help me in many ways but how can I tell if it'll be worth the price?
When funds are tight, you've gotta make sure every dollar is carefully allocated. So let's make sure we're a good fit.

Read my blog, listen to a couple podcast episodes, check out my videos, or just start a conversation by emailing me at You'll quickly see whether how I think and communicate work for you.

I'll never pressure you to buy anything and once you make that first contact, I'm going to immediately start caring about you. I'll keep you in mind and try to let you know if I hear about an opportunity or contact that would be useful for you. So don't hesitate to reach out. 

If you believe I would help you, don't divide the price by the number of minutes we would spend together. You aren't paying for the time we're talking. You're paying for the experience, insight, connections, and resources I have and how I've adapted my services by working with others like you. How would your life be better (now and long-term) if you had confidence and a plan for going after your big dream goals? What is that worth to you? Not sure? Just start the conversation --

I know you can help me (and/or my group) but I/we just can't afford your services. What can I do?
I have lots of content online that will help you start moving towards your more confident (and still quirky) self. Start there--free resources can get you pretty far!

I also offer a limited number of scholarships every year. :)

What got you into this confidence thing?
2 personal experiences:
1) Career - I had such major confidence issues ("imposter syndrome") when I was a grad student! It was by talking to my fellow grad students that I realized it wasn't just me--it is a systemic issue. Once I started running workshops for grad students and doing one-on-one coaching, I was hooked! It feels so good helping others realize their confidence issues aren't evidence that they suck.

2) Life - I used to absolutely hate my body. Even after I lost a huge amount of weight (thinking that would solve the issue), I would cry looking in the mirror. I got over most of my body image issues in a weekend and it didn't involve changing my body in the slightest.

My new understanding of the relationship between people's perception of themselves and reality drives me to help others realize how frickin' awesome and attractive they are. Yes, you. You are awesome and attractive.

My issue isn't confidence but I want to make changes to my life. Can you still help?
I help people with a lot more than just confidence. When we start to chip away at confidence issues, they quickly realize they can do so much! So we work on their goals beyond just the confidence issues that stand in the way. Email about what you need and we'll figure out if we're a good match.  

How do I get started? I don't even know if I can be helped or what kind of help would work.
That's where I come in. Email to schedule your first coaching session.

How does payment work?
I use FreshBooks but don't worry, even my invoices have smileys and uplifting messages! I accept credit cards to make it easier on you.

How can I get involved in BoldAdulting other than as a client or workshop/speech attendee?
Email me at to tell me what you're interested in and how you might want to help through a microinternship. Not sure what you can contribute? Email me anyway and I'll help you figure out what you're great at! 

Need some confidence? Hire Masha, the Quirky Qonfidence Qoach of BoldAdulting!